About Paws on the Beach

My name is Sarah Arsenault. My husband, Randy, and I started Paws on the Beach because we could not find a kennel which offered an adequate amount of exercise, with large enough kennels, to accommodate our dogs, Harley, Pedro, Lola, Fizz, and Rumble. We believe that exercise is the key to having a healthy, happy, relaxed pet. Daily playtime burns energy, and leaves your pet feeling as if they have done their "job"; it reduces stress and helps them relax...so this is where we place our emphasis.

I have a background in pet nutrition and in veterinary assistance, and volunteer with the PEI Humane Society. I am active in animal rescue, and participate with my own dogs in canine sports (flyball and agility) as well as appearing in community festival parades and performances with Fast'n'FURious.


Our mission is to provide your pet with an experience that is just like home. Because it is our belief that a tired pet is more happy and relaxed, we ensure that all pets get daily playtime for exercise. This includes social time with both humans and other pets (if your pet likes that!)...anything from fetch and chase games to swimming during the summer months.

Sarah has over 10 years experience with animals. She has taken part in various seminars on dog body
language and behaviour from several certified trainers and behaviourists over the years. Her approach
to dealing with dog behaviour and socialization is based on these founded techniques which find their
roots in positive reinforcement. Sarah has spent over 5 years fostering and rescuing dogs, through local
shelters and maritime organizations. This has given her an in-depth experience on dogs emotional well-
being and how their environment affects them.

Drop by and see us, check out our facilities, and let us know about your own and your pets' needs. We hope to make Paws on the Beach your pets' vacation destination!